Product Description

Experience true comfort with the Oztent RS-1S King Single Stretcher. Designed for RS-1 Swag compatibility, this stretcher boasts a massive 1-metre wide bed to deliver the highest degree of comfort you'll find in the great outdoors.

Built atop a steady, cross-legged structure and fitted with anti-sway bars, the RS-1S King Single Stretcher is constructed for stability. Weight-rated to 200kg, this stretcher accommodates campers of all shapes and sizes. Whether you're looking to upgrade from your current stretcher or elevate your swag off uncomfortable terrain, the RS-1S King Single Stretcher has you covered.

Your best outdoor experiences are right around the corner. Sleep like a king with the Oztent RS-1S King Single Stretcher.

Key Features
100cm (39.4") wide
200kg (440lb) weight rating
Compatible with RS-1 Swag
Anti-sway stabilizer bars
Compatible with other branded swags
5-year Manufacturer's Warranty


RS-1 Swag Compatibility

Prop your RS-1 Swag up off the ground and experience a more comfortable, safer and cleaner sleep. With straps to securely attach your RS-1 Swag as well as inbuilt anti-sway stabilizer bars, the RS-1S Stretcher greatly enhances your RS-1 Swag setup. The RS-1S Stretcher is also compatible with other branded swags.


One Metre Wide

Never before has a single stretcher been so wide. Whether you're looking to accommodate for your RS-1 Swag or have been dreaming of a better sleep, the RS-1S Stretcher is perfect for you.


5-Year Warranty

Built on a heavy-duty steel frame, the RS-1S Stretcher is durable. With 5 years of Manufacturer's Warranty on each stretcher, you can rest assured that your new RS-1S Stretcher will keep you sleeping comfortable for a long time coming.