Product Description

The Malamoo Manly Deluxe Beach Chair is fast, easy and simple to set up, while designed for unlimited comfort it also protects you from the hot sand with a padded full-length leg mat. It boasts a fully adjustable padded A-frame back rest which has a large rear zippered storage pocket for your valuables. The Manly Deluxe Beach Chair also features an added easy access side pocket for your added connivance. It comes with a shoulder carry strap to help enhance its lightweight compact design which makes it simple to pack and transport.

Key Features
Fast and easy to setup
Full length leg mat - 108cm long
Large zippered storage pocket
Shoulder carry strap for easy transport


Full length leg mat

The Manly Deluxe Beach Chair features a full length (108cm) leg mat so you can lean back, relax and stretch your legs out without getting sandy.


Recline in Style

The Manly Deluxe Beach Chair features a reclined backrest so you can relax on the beach in style.


Large zippered storage pocket

Every Manly Deluxe Beach Chair features a large zippered storage pocket to securely store your valuables whilst at the beach.