Product Description

The Oztent Koala HotSpot Lounge chair is the ultimate in luxury camp chairs for all seasons. It boasts Oztents patented Hotspot technology and enjoys an incredible passive heating experience for those cold days by slipping in your HotSpot pouch. It also incorporates our lumbar support system and is made with a super high- quality construction using luxurious 600D diamond ripstop polyester that is fully padded with a massive weight rating of 200Kg. You have an insulated drink and phone holder on one side and two mesh pockets on the other to store your other goodies. Then in the front we have added a hidden under seat pocket.

Key Features
Fully padded for maximum comfort
HotSpot functionality to keep you warm
Easy setup and pack down
Includes 1 x HotSpot pouch
Includes hidden under seat pocket
Adjustable lumbar support


Fully padded for maximum comfort

We've taken the padding in the Koala HotSpot Lounge Chair to the extreme - forget your "moon" chair, in the Koala Chair you feel like you're siting on a cloud. With ample room to curl up in, you'll be the envy of your camp mates in the Koala HotSpot Lounge Chair.

Ultimate Comfort in Every Season

The Koala HotSpot Lounge Chair is the ultimate all season chair. No need for electricity, batteries or cables! The HotSpot passive comfort heating chair range includes 4 insulated thermally reflective pockets to hold up to one Oztent HotSpot Pouch each – heating your chair up to approximately 45C! Now you have warmth from the fire and up to 1 hour (Up to 500 uses) of warmth from your HotSpot chair.


Oztent's signature adjustable lumbar support will ensure everyone can get comfy in the Koala HotSpot Lounge Chair - it feels like a big bear-sized hug!