Product Description

The Oztent King Goanna Stretcher redefines comfort. Over 2-metres long and weight-rated to 150kg, this stretcher is designed for campers of all shapes and sizes.

Built atop a heavy-duty, cross-legged structure, the King Goanna Stretcher is fully padded to deliver the highest degree of comfort. Setting up and packing down easily into a compact carry bag, this stretcher is big on comfort and low on storage size. Whether you're looking to upgrade from your current stretcher or enhance your campsite, the King Goanna Stretcher has you covered.

Your best outdoor experiences are right around the corner. Sleep like a king with the Oztent King Goanna Stretcher.

Key Features
Stylish, cross-legged structure
150kg (331lb) weight rating
Steel construction for added strength
Insulated and padded warmth and comfort
5-year Manufacturer's Warranty (with product registration)
Fits in Oztent RV-4 and Oztent RV-5


Big Setup, Small Packdown

The King Goanna Stretcher covers 2.1m in setup length, but only 1.1m in packdown length. Rest easy with the assurance that your stretcher will not take up your precious storage space.


5-Year Warranty

Built on a heavy-duty steel frame, the King Goanna Stretcher is extremely durable. With 5 years of Manufacturer's Warranty on each King Goanna Stretcher, you can rest assured that your new King Goanna Stretcher will keep you comfortable for a long time coming.


150kg Weight Rating

Be confident in the integrity of your stretcher. Rated to support up to 150kg, the King Goanna Stretcher will not let you down.