• Malamoo XH-2P Pitch Black Tent


    $ 279.99

    $ 279.99

    The Malamoo XH-2P Pitch Black Tent continues Malamoo’s tradition of designing simple, compact, comfortable tents for quick getaways.

    Using Oztent’s Pitch Black Tech™, up to 95% of sunlight stays out of the inner tent. Combined with the reflective silver coating on the outer fly you can sleep through the night and day in comfort and privacy.

    ‘Hike’ like in its design, but with a much larger vestibule and far more head room, you can keep more of your gear away from the elements and have plenty of room to move.

    Colour coded clips and fibreglass poles make the tent fast and easy to setup while being compact to carry.

    Nothing says “good to go” like Malamoo.

    Key Features
    • Pitch Black Tech™ – for sleep-ins and daytime naps
    • Roomy (135 x 235cm) with comfortable head space (125cm)
    • Extended vestibule – store more gear out of the elements
    • Colour coded poles + clip construction – faster, simpler pitching
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